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What Causes Excessive Yawning – Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

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Do you often feel embarrassed in the meeting or even talking to someone because of the yawning? It is thought as a signal of disinterest by many people and make the other person feel like a fool. If you are one of those individuals who is dealing with the excessive yawning, then this article is purely written for you.
In reality, yawning can be defined as a response of the body to tiredness or drowsiness. A person can also get triggered if he/she watch someone else yawning. However, constant yawning can be a symptom of something much bigger problem.
Now, let’s start with the symptom associated with the excessive yawning.

1. Anxiety Symptoms

It is one of the most common excessive yawning symptoms that make the person feel they need to yawn all the time. Along with the person may feel out of breath or have some difficulty in breathing. Having these symptoms may also force the person to feel like they aren’t having enough breath or feeling smothered. There is also a chance that excessive yawning anxiety symptoms accompany a feeling of other anxiety sensations. These types of symptoms vary from moment to moment and from day to day.

2. Fatigue

Fatigue can be defined as a feeling of lack of energy or tiredness while completing day to day activities. It can’t be called same as feeling sleepy or drowsy. It is very common to yawn if a person feels less energized. The accurate mechanism behind this excessive yawning symptom is unknown, but it is a common thing to yawn while having this type of feeling.
If you constantly feel fatigued for a longer period of time, then you should consult the doctor.

3. Certain medications

In addition to physical factors, there are many medications that can make the person feel drowsy or sleepy leading to constant yawning. Some of the common medicines that can be a reason to yawn are stated below:

  • Antihistamines– It is a drug that used for treating the allergies.
  • SSRIs– Full means is selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
  • Other Medicines– Pain medicines and antidepressants

4. Disorders that leads to deficiency in sleep

An individual can yawn on awakening if he/she lacks in the proper sleep. It is the signal of the brain to the body that a person is tired and required rest. However, there is a chance that a person’s lifestyle can be a reason for the lack of sleep. Additionally, conditions like insomnia or central sleep apnea can be some of the reasons that the person has excessive yawning.

5. Multiple Sclerosis

As per the study published in the Journal of Sleep Medicine, the patient who suffers from multiple sclerosis often reports symptoms like sleep problems and frequent yawning. Along with that, the study also states that the people suffering from multiple sclerosis also face issues related to the thermoregulatory dysfunction that leads to yawning.

6. Brain Stroke

It is one of the brains related excessive yawning causes. Under this condition, the brain sends out the abnormal signals that result in the frequent yawning. The person who suffers from lesions in their brain stem faces yawning problems.

7. Vasovagal Reactions

If a person has a problem with the functioning of the vagus nerve, then he/she may face the problem of excessive yawning. It occurs because of the internal bleeding around the heart. In addition to this, it can be an indication of a heart attack. However, this type of symptom is very uncommon and that’s why frequent yawning without sleep deficiency or fatigue can be an indication of heart problems.
After reading the above symptoms, you might get the answer to the question “what causes constant yawning”. However, there are lots of other causes of the yawning that include compression of the pituitary gland or hypothalamus.

Diagnosis of excessive yawning

If you are dealing with the constant yawning, but do not have any sign of tiredness or fatigue, then you are probably dealing with the Vasovagal reaction. It is best to visit the doctor as soon as possible if your case is similar to the symptoms of Vasovagal reactions.

The doctor will ask you some simple questions related to the yawn and habits of sleeping. The doctor may ask you about the frequency of yawn in an hour daily. Furthermore, the specialist will try to find the changes throughout the day. It will help in finding what causes yawning. After that, there will be an involvement of significant study regarding your daily activities.

However, if the doctor will not be able to find that the exact physical symptom that causes the excessive yawning, they might suggest you participate in a study related to study. The oxygen levels, rapid eye movement, heart rate, brain waves and muscle activity will be measured by the sleep studies in an attempt for diagnosing whether constant yawning is because of a sleep disorder.

Treatments of excessive yawning

excessive yawning symptom

There is nothing bad in yawning as it is a natural phenomenon. However, it might create problems if it increases excessively. This way things become embarrassing. Here are some treatments that can help you in suppressing constant yawning:

1. Excessive Working & Improper Diet

If you are constantly working without having adequate rest can result in a great range of upsetting symptoms that include regular yawning. Prepare yourself to make some changes in your lifestyle if you think you are dealing with the burnout syndrome. Start eating fruits and try to sleep at least eight hours every night. There is a great chance that yawning will be reduced after changing your daily habits.

2. Have cold foods and sip cold beverage

Excessive yawning can be reduced by taking ice water, cold water or iced tea at a moment. Additionally, try to munch cold foods like yogurt, watermelon or cucumber regularly. There are many studies that have proved that yawn can be reduced by cooling the temperature of the body.

3. Professional Sleeping Clinic

The professional sleeping clinic can offer the best treatment to the people who are diagnosed with depression, anxiety or similar problems. The sleeping patterns of the patient will be analyzed and the exact reason for the constant yawning will get identified so that it can be treated easily. This type of sleeping clinics is recommended to the people who deals from apnea or insomnia during sleeping.

4. Meditation

Meditation is considered as one of the best ways to deal with the excessive yawning symptom. Your body and mind will be relaxed that will allow the fresh air to enter the body. Additionally, caffeine can also be one of the easiest ways to deal with the yawning.

5. Eliminating Boredom

If you able to get rid of the monotony and boredom of your life, then get up and do something that interests you the most. We can guarantee that it will be one of the fastest ways to reduce the excessive yawning.

6. Stress Management

There is a requirement for managing stress successfully if you are dealing with this for a long time and it results in yawning. First of all, you required identifying the thing that stresses you most. After that, try to find solutions for handling that thing effectively. Some of the best stress busters are yoga, swimming, reading, working out, etc.

Tips for avoiding yawn

what causes constant yawning

There are some situations when there is a requirement to avoid the yawn like attending a meeting or giving a speech. Here are some tips for helping you to avoid that kind of situations:

  • The best way to avoid a yawn is to take some deep breaths via your nose and then exhale it through the mouth.
  • Try to make your environment cool it will help in cooling the temperature of the brain. You should also try to avoid sitting in the hot environments.
  • You can try using a cool compress because it will help you in avoiding that embarrassing yawn in the meeting.When you think a yawn is coming, then press a cool compress against your head and then hold it for at least one minute prior to entering the meeting room.

As you have read above, there is no such a drug that can help in dealing with the excessive yawning symptoms. However, you need to change the lifestyle and some bad habits that can surely make changes in your life.

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