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DIY : dip-dyed skewers

dip-dyed skewers

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When it was time to put the party together, I needed something interesting for the food!  I looked for cute picks, skewers, etc. and finally realised I could just make them myself.

I had already bought paint samples from Lowes (you can get any paint color in a sample the best $3 purchase ever!) to make the tabletop, so I literally just dipped the skewers in the little containers of paint.  So easy!  One tip though to get more paint on the skewer, I tilted the jar on its side as far as I could without spilling.

sticks on string dip-dyed skewers

Of course, I couldn’t lay them down to dry, so I had to get a little creative for that part.  I tied twine between a ladder and a trash can in our garage happened to be what was available and handy and hung the skewers with clothespins.  It actually worked great!  Be sure to put something underneath to catch dripping paint!

I made all of the skewers in an evening, so it was a very doable project time and cost wise!  AND what a simple way to tie in the colors you is using for a party or table setting.

Here are a few pics of the skewers in action

sandwich sticks
sandwich sticks


pickles sticks
pickles sticks
potatoes sticks
potatoes sticks
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