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Stuck sitting all the day

Stuck sitting all the day?….Here’s help!

Millions of people around the world have a job in which they sit most of the day. All of them have experienced those moments when they get up from a sitting position and their butt feels numb and hips feel so tight that they have to lean forward at the

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When most people hear “insulin,” they hear “diabetes.” But everyone can benefit from learning about how insulin affects the body. Insulin sensitivity is how effective the body is at using insulin to reduce elevated blood glucose levels, with a greater efficacy being more ‘sensitivity’ and a poorer efficacy mean being more

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fat belly


A fat belly can lead to higher cholesterol levels and increased risks for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Abdominal fat is stored in two different ways. First, there is subcutaneous fat (pinchable), which sits between the skin and the abdominal wall. Since it does not directly surrounds the organs and the

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obese people

Should all obese people lose weight?

As obesity is a well-known risk factor for diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and for some cancers. Why not all obese suffer from all these diseases? Should all obese people lose weight? Why are they "metabolically healthy"? It is explained on the basis of Inflammation. It means your immune system has sensed a

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Fitness and exercise

Fitness and exercise : The first cross fit!

Many people love this "sport of fitness" while for others it is out to kill them. It is very efficient and powerful exercise but can be dangerous also. Here are some tips for your first cross fit. If you will follow these tips you can surely get the fitness you want.Some

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