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Best Ways to look after ACs

Best Ways to look after ACs

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The summer days are back and how often do you witness this hotness in Bangalore? Not very often I guess and this where an Air Conditioner comes into play to give you a more light and cool environment in your room or your office cabin. Air conditioners have become the most prominent part of our everyday life, and the growing temperature makes us only want more from it credit goes to global warming for making us witness these climatic changes.

So here I bring you the steps that you need to consider to get best out of your ACs this summer. A great amount of care needs to be given to the ACs as even they require routine checkup as humans go through health checkups.


Steps to look after your ACs



  • Clean the AC filters


Initially before you look out for the AC services to make your AC function properly, consider replacing the filters. You should be changing the filters every three months or try replacing it every once a month for even better usage.

A dirty filter can lead to bad air flow and freeze the evaporator coil. Not only the dirty filter will give out some lousy air flow but also can increase the electricity bill for AC from 5 to 15%.



  • Get your AC serviced


Even if you might not be using Air Conditioner for a while that doesn’t mean that it is up and ready for the summer. Air conditioners need to be looked after irrespective of their usage. Take the necessary steps that make your AC running smoothly and let the air out efficiently.

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  • Setting your thermostat


Your AC might not be functioning correctly also because of the setting of the thermostat. Make sure that you place your Air conditioning thermostat anywhere near to the heating objects and by heating objects I mean lamps, TV sets or any heat causing item.

Take my suggestion and do not place the thermostat where the sun shines directly.


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  • Take use of the fans in the room


This point might not be useful for many as some might not even have a ceiling fan in their rooms. Take full use of the ceiling fans that help in circulating the cool throughout the room or even the entire house.

Try out a fan which runs counterclockwise helping you which promotes great air flow.



  • Do not cool the empty rooms


This is a simple and the best way to look after your AC, make sure that you do not consume a lot of your electricity just by leaving the AC on in those unwanted and empty rooms.

I would recommend you to go and close those AC vents of the room and also close the closet doors that eat up some of the cold air.


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  • Give your rooms Blinds or Curtains


Giving the AC an exposure to direct light or heat is a big no-no. Try covering the area with curtains or use a window film. Try sliding those blinds or curtains whichever you have it in your room, it not only blocks the sun’s rays but also keeps your house cooler in the summertime. If all these ideas do not work out, then try opting for help from the professionals in this field.

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