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Impressive Health Benefits of Lemon Juice

benefits of lemon juice

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For the summer season ahead, we all love it because we can enjoy a wonderful vacation with bright sunlight and beautiful ocean. But continuous hot days can be really dangerous, so you need to prepare yourself carefully not only with outside protection like clothes, sunglass and suncream but also from the inside. Indeed, a cup of lemon juice will help you beat the heat and keep yourself hydrated.

What is Lemon Juice?

As its name suggests, lemon juice is the juice extracted from a fresh lemon. Normally, due to the sour flavor, people mix it with water to consume. A glass of lemonade every day will bring you a lot of amazing health benefits. It can aid you in dealing with many diseases related to digestion, inflammation, respiration or other specific ones such as Meniere’s diseases, kidney stone, Rheumatism. As you know, lemon juice is the great treatment for common cold and fever, particularly for children who prone to catch them during the changing season. As scientists find the flavonoid property in lemon, it also has anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting effects.

In fact, with a small amount of lemon juice, it will contribute dynamic aroma and good taste to plenty of marinades, dishes and drinks all over the world. On the other hand, lemon juice may be used as a washing or cleaning agent. Thanks to the antioxidant found in lemon, people can apply a little lemon juice on clothes, household tools in order to remove rust stains, dust or strange substances. In addition, it is noted that overuse of direct lemon juice can lead to some side effects including tooth decay, problems associated with tooth enamel and stomach. As mentioned above, a mixture of lemon juice and water is easier and more effective to drink.

Nutrition Facts of Lemon Juice

Nutrition Facts of Lemon Juice

Indeed, it comes as no surprise that lemon juice is really beneficial to your overall health. To be more specific about what lemon juice can bring to you, here are some nutrition facts about it. With 100 grams of raw lemon juice, it provides you with 23 calories, 0.24 grams fat, 6.8 grams carbohydrate, 0.4 grams protein, 37.8 grams vitamin C and other minerals.

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Top Health Benefits of Lemon Juice

  1. Lower the Risk of Heart Diseases

An amazing health benefit of lemon juice is to help you lower the risk of cardiovascular problem. Thanks to the potassium found in lemon juice, it helps to control your mental and physical condition as well as reducing depression, fatigue and tension. In detail, potassium is essential mineral to your body, it plays an important role in the function of your muscles, heart and cranial nerves. Lemon juice is a useful treatment for people who have dizziness, vomiting and hypertension.

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  1. Good for Digestion

If you are facing digestive problems, lemon juice can lend you a helping hand to their symptoms. This health benefit of lemon juice is popular with everybody all parts of the world because it is spread by word of mouth. Lemon juice is considered as a cleaning agent, you are able to consume a cup of lemon water after a meal to cleanse your blood and intestine. By doing that, it will help you treat constipation and indigestion effectively. To get a better effect, you can add some more salt, honey and mint leaves into the glass of lemonade.

  1. A Great Home Remedy for Common Cold

Lemon juice is well known as a natural antioxidant which can help your body fight against the bacteria and viruses causing common cold and flu. Besides, it is loaded with vitamin C and other nutrients that promotes your immune system to deal with those illnesses. To prevent and get rid of common cold along with fever quickly, you had better drink a cup of lemon water on a daily basis.

  1. Support Weight Loss

Another impressive health benefit of lemon juice is to support weight loss. A study has shown that the polyphenols in lemon juice aid you in losing weight effectively. Besides, after having intense workout at the gym, you can consume lemon soda to restore the lost water as well as to stimulate the fat-burning & muscle-building process.

health benefit of lemon juice


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  1. Help to Combat Rheumatism

An undeniable health benefit of lemon juice is a treatment for rheumatism because of its great impact against uric acid. As you notice, your body produces uric acid continuously and it is removed through urination. If the level of uric acid in your body is high, as a result, the excessive uric acid will be built up in the joints and led to painful condition of rheumatism and arthritis. Luckily, lemon juice can help you reduce the swelling, ache and stiffness of joints. Moreover, there is a beneficial source of flavonoids properties in lemon juice. Therefore, lemon juice also has great effects on blood flow, metabolism and immunity.

  1. Skin and Hair Care

On the list of wonderful health benefits of lemon juice, the outstanding one which is beloved by women is skin and hair care. Sometimes, you realize some problems with your hair, you should try a few home remedies with lemon juice to keep your hair strong and healthy. Indeed, the juice of a fresh lemon can help you promote the hair growth, reduce dandruff, treat back acne and deal with many other issues associated with hair. Furthermore, lemon juice is considered as a natural and useful antiseptic agent. It can be used to ease the conditions suffering from sunburn or insect stings.



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